The Center for Community-Based Enterprise (C2BE) provides legal, financial, product development, marketing and self-management expertise to create living-wage jobs through worker ownership in any of its forms—particularly among
historically under-served populations in Detroit.


C2BE for startups considering worker ownership as an organizing principle

With C2BE’s support you can turn your dream of creating a Detroit-benefitting business into a reality. We'll help you define the next step and help you take it by connecting you to business know-how and potential partners. Our services include financial assistance, low-cost or no-cost legal guidance, as well as business development and marketing help.

C2BE for owners of existing businesses considering selling their business to employees

C2BE can help you explore options related to selling your business to your employees—a move that can allow you continue to provide for your family, preserve jobs and, often, reduce your tax burden. Our staff has 100+ years of combined experience and highly specialized knowledge relating to succession planning and we can train your employees to ensure continued success.

C2BE for union leaders and union members looking for new ways to anchor good jobs locally

Worker ownership is an emerging union strategy that can increase membership, improve members’ wages and benefits and anchor jobs locally. As a union-leader or member, you are uniquely qualified to develop worker-leaders, and C2BE can help you explore the ways union resources can be leveraged to develop the next generation of good jobs.

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