If Detroit’s economic recovery is to be inclusive, large-scale development projects must benefit local communities. On Election Day, voters get to have a say on how that can happen.

Proposal A requires that large-scale developers negotiate directly with local residents to reach an agreement about how the community will benefit, whether through local hiring requirements or projects that serve community needs. Prop A was placed on the ballot by a grassroots coalition of community-based organizations. Most importantly, the resulting community benefits agreement is legally enforceable.   

In contrast, Proposal B requires that large-scale developers negotiate with city-appointed representatives, with no legally enforceable agreement as the outcome. As a result, Prop B would continue to allow large-scale development projects to proceed without any real guarantee that local communities will benefit.

On Election Day, voters have a chance to ensure that Detroit’s recovery is actually inclusive. For a real community benefits agreement, Vote YES on Prop A and NO on Prop B.