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Focus: HOPE is a nationally renowned non-profit organization in Detroit that aims to overcome racism and poverty by providing education and training for underrepresented minorities and others. One of their major efforts is the Hope Village Initiative (HVI) which aims to ensure that by the year 2031, 100% of the residents in a 100-block service area in Detroit are educationally well-prepared, economically self-sufficient, and living in a safe and supportive environment. One component of the HVI is to transform a vacant building into a cooperative live-work space, meaning that the residents are organized into housing cooperative, some units will host cooperative businesses, and the worker-owners and residents will live together. Focus: HOPE has partnered with C2BE to work on the feasibility study for this project. Specifically, C2BE is developing a survey to recruit interested participants, and will hold discussions to determine key features necessary to enable interested participants to commit to the HVI live-work community. 

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