Oakland Ave Urban Farm

Oakland Avenue Urban Farm is a project of Northend Christian CDC, under the leadership of Jerry Hebron. C2BE is providing business resources to help the Farm develop a worker co-op, a community supported agriculture (CSA) business, a food manufacturing business and an informal cooperative with other urban farmers to meet the expanding customer demand. The Farm’s weekly markets are located at the farm in Detroit’s North End neighborhood and at six Chrysler auto plants in the Metro area. C2BE is providing legal/business forms for cooperation between the participating growers and between the Farm and the auto plant customers, as well as business development expertise for the farm’s jams, jellies and other value-added products. Some of the participating growers include the Church of the Messiah Urban Farm (see below), Ohana Gardens and Love Earth Herbal Gardens. 

Oakland Avenue Urban Farm (OAUF) stands as a testament to the creative and collaborative nature of the community in Detroit. From teaching community cooking classes, collaborating with artists, musicians and other growers, hiring youth and returning citizens, to hosting several farmer’s markets, OAUF is an authentic community based enterprise.

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