An Overview of Our Work

For retiring business owners   If you’re a retiring business owner faced with either liquidating your business or selling it to a competitor who might eliminate jobs, worker ownership provides a third option that can offer a way to preserve all you’ve built. With 100+ years of combined experience C2BE can help you with succession planning, guide you to selling your business in a tax-advantaged way, and ensure that your employees have the skills needed for continued success.

For startup businesses  C2BE’s support can help you turn your dream into a reality. We can connect you to business know-how and potential partners, including financial assistance, including low-cost or no-cost legal, business development and marketing assistance.

For forward-looking unions Worker ownership is an emerging union strategy that can increase membership, improve members’ wages and benefits, and anchor jobs within your jurisdictions. We can help you explore ways union resources can be leveraged to develop the next generation of good jobs.

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