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What We're Reading with Isiah at C2BE

Hello everyone! My name is Isiah Parfait, the Education and Outreach Coordinator at C2BE. This month, I want to share some short readings that have motivated me to continue advancing public policies rooted in economic justice.

The first article, “A Brief History of Black Cooperatives the U.S.,” is an interview with Dr. Jessica Gordon Nembhard who discusses the development of Black political economies in racist cultures.

The second article, “The Federal Reserve’s Reckoning on Racial Equity,” discusses recent changes at the Federal Reserve and details ways in which the well-being of Black economies and communities historically have been overlooked and neglected as a casualty of economic decisions made by the central bank of the United States, particularly pertaining to economic stability, employment, inflation and interest rates.

Third, The Knight Foundation commissioned the project Nonprofit Leadership Census Results with Data Driven Detroit (D3) in partnership with Co.act Detroit and the Michigan Nonprofit Association. Research results explain Detroit’s nonprofit ecosystem in terms of BIPOC/Black representation, the concentration of wealth among non-profit organizations and access to labor in the Detroit nonprofit world.

I would love to hear what you have been reading during Black History Month. Let me know by emailing me at Until next time!

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