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If you’re a retiring business owner faced with either liquidating your business or selling it to a competitor, worker ownership provides a third option for business succession that can offer a way to preserve all you’ve built while providing real tax advantages.

Selling your business to an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) or worker cooperative can help to ensure that your company can continue to thrive with the people who helped you build it. And C2BE can help you get there. Our team of attorneys and business professionals have over a century of combined experience, and have created and advised employeeowned companies in converting to various forms of worker ownership.

5 smart reasons for selling your business to your workers

1 Fair price
You can get a fair price for your closely held stock. Both ESOPs and worker cooperatives can deliver a sale price you might not find elsewhere.
2 Tax-free.
Your proceeds from a stock sale may be tax-free.
3 Flexibility
Worker ownership comes in different
forms, giving you great flexibility. ESOPs
and other forms of worker-ownership each
offer distinct advantages that can benefit
both seller and buyer.
4 All Win
Seller, company and employees all win. Sale to workers provides you with a buyer where none might otherwise exist, keeps your company independent, and rewards those who made it a success.
5 Get Resources
C2BE resources are at your disposal. We can help you get the cash out of your business in a potentially tax-advantaged way, and train your employees to successfully operate your business.

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