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SEIU Florida Public Services Union represents 19,000 workers across eight counties, sixteen cities, three Head Start agencies, and four school districts in Florida. “Just Work,” an initiative undertaken by C2BE at the request of the union, explores worker ownership as a way to improve workers’ wages and conditions, and add benefits beyond the limitations of traditional collective bargaining. C2BE pulled together a team of union representatives, economists, business leaders, lawyers and others to assess how this might be done in situations involving the outsourcing of public employee jobs, with a view of utilizing the model in private sector outsourcing situations as well. Based on these efforts, C2BE created a strategy paper for the SEIU, and is now working on implementation with SEIU’s Florida Public Service Union (FPSU) local. For several years, FPSU has been exploring worker ownership, the creation of a community union called “United Voices,” and other community-based enterprise initiatives in its jurisdiction.

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