What is Worker Ownership?

Why Should Someone Partner With You?

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Where workers become owners. Whether you’re a seasoned business-owner exploring options for succession planning, a scrappy startup looking to create community wealth, or a forward-looking labor union seeking new ways to anchor local jobs, C2BE can help. We provide legal, business-planning, marketing, and employee-training expertise to help you create living-wage jobs through employee ownership.

Community-Based Enterprise

Is a sustainable, locally-rooted business that provides community benefit (particularly equity ownership for workers and producers), pays living wages, and shares resources to help each other grow.

C2BE’s Experience and Large Toolbox

Our team includes:

  • Lawyers with over 100 years of experience in a broad range of co-ops, forms of worker owernship and related transactions.
  • Experienced marketing, communications, business development, lending & MBA consultants.
  • Access to experienced accounting and valuation resources.

We partner with many local economic development agencies and belong to a national network of worker owenrship organizations and co-op developers.

Make a Local Impact

Join us to ensure that we have the resources to grow the pool of worker-owned enterprises and cooperatively-minded entrepreneurs. Donate today!