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Education and Outreach Coordinator

Isiah Parfait

Cultural Programming Coordinator

Bryce Detroit

Executive Director

Karen Tyler-Ruiz

Business Advisor

Michael Friedman, Esq.

Chief Financial Officer

Terry Lewis, Esq.

Business Development Manager

Aaron W. Jackson, Esq.

Our Board of Directors

Judith Williams,  Retired Community Economic Developer, Commercial and Housing specialties

Steve Dubb, Senior Editor, Nonprofit Quarterly

Dr. Alicia Renee Farris, Chief Operations Officer, Restaurant Opportunities Centers United 

Mr. Vincent Tilford, President & CEO, Hannan Foundation

Delphia Simmons, Chief Impact & Learning Officer, COTS Detroit

Juwon Harris, COVID-19 Health Educator and  Outreach Specialist, CDC Foundation

Sarah Craft, Director, Detroit Venture For America

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