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C2BE Cooperative Spotlight:

This Earth Day, C2BE proudly recognizes our project partner Ryter Cooperative Industries (RCI). RCI, founded in 2015 to bridge the digital and clean energy divide among under-represented communities, provides engineering and design support, project management, and educational services to communities through application of innovative technology, sustainable solutions, and community-centered ideas.

C2BE has been working with founders Ali Dirul and Karnaja Famadou, since 2016, as they have sought to combine their engineering talents, commitment to renewable energy and a desire to empower Detroit’s underserved neighborhoods. Their talent and energy have enabled them to build RCI into a meaningful community-based enterprise, working with local organizations like Avalon Village, D-Town Farm, Detroit Black Food Security Network, and The Lumens Foundation.

You can learn more about Ryter Cooperative Industries and subscribe to their newsletter here.

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