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C2BE Spotlight: Bryce Detroit

This month we highlight Bryce Detroit, C2BE’s cultural programming coordinator. Lately, Bryce has been focused on being “present in all the parts of self that we’ve been developing ahead of the equinox. We’ve developed that labor and now it is time to be the fruit of that labor.”

Bryce has been active in numerous entertainment justice scenes across the country. Here at home, he recently produced the Bryce Detroit Block party for Eastern Market After Dark. This event celebrated the legacy and effect of Detroit artists and the North End, like Kesswa, Carl Butch Small, Kern Brantley, Hazmat Live, DJ LOS, Efe Bes, Marcus Elliot, DJ Mike Agent X Clark. More nationally, Bryce took a trip to Seattle to activate a Hood Closed to Gentrifiers project with WaNaWari, an organization dedicated to Black community buidling. Wa Na Wari means "Our Home" in Kalabari. As a name Wa Na Wari evokes a sense of purpose and intention to remain present in a place we consider home. With this new Hood Closed to Gentrifiers project partner, Bryce worked to support anti-gentrification and neighborhood legacy and economy building.

To conclude the month, Bryce will be moderating a conversation at the M Contemporary Art Gallery called Michael Jesus Crisis, centered around artist Tony Rve’s new exhibition. “My why? I am focused on designing a world environment in which I feel comfortable loving, living, working, and playing in. Operating through our ancestral birthright to create. Bringing my entertainment savvy to media spaces to advance community justice.”

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