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C2BE Enters New Partnership with Ingham County and the Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP)

As summer will soon turn to fall, we at C2BE are excited to have reached the place where we are able to expand the work that we do. I am pleased to announce we have just entered into a new partnership with Ingham County and the Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP) to sell business services to business owners who are considering selling their businesses to their employees. Together, our business services will help educate both owners and employees about how this process works to the advantage of all. If you know business owners in Ingham County who are thinking now about succession planning, please ask them to share this link with them or contact Aaron Jackson at

C2BE continues to provide business, structuring, financial and governance assistance to businesses with a goal of increasing the number of Black- and Brown-owned businesses in Detroit and surrounding communities.

Nationally, C2BE is part of a growing movement to support the transition from traditional to democratically run, worker-owned businesses. C2BE sits on the advisory board of the Michigan Center for Employee Ownership (MICEO), which serves as the central hub for information and resources around employee ownership in Michigan. According to MICEO, many businesses will be sold and leave the state of Michigan, or close their doors permanently, resulting in lost jobs, a reduced tax base and severe impacts on the community. This is why the time is now for business owners and entrepreneurs to turn to C2BE to consider their options for “Leaving a Legacy.”

Responding to current news, C2BE is recognizing the residents of Jackson, MS who are under water and need our help! Please consider making a donation at

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