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C2BE Spotlight: Darby Goberman

Hello! My name is Darby Groberman, and I am a second-year law student in the Dual Juris Doctor program at the University of Windsor and University of Detroit Mercy.

I am originally from Western Canada. When I got the chance to participate in this dual degree program, I could not turn it down. This program has given me the opportunity to participate in an externship with the Center for Community-Based Enterprise (C2BE). Through this experience I am getting a hands-on, frontline look at what the practice of law can be. I am currently working on drafting documents to assist businesses that are transitioning to a worker-ownership structure, something I was wholly unaware was an area of practice before law school.

When I was growing up, my parents always told me jokingly that I should go to law school because I liked to argue. However, it was never something I seriously considered until I finished my undergraduate degree and began working at a law firm as a legal assistant. From that experience I realized that I liked the analytical and creative aspects of law and the variety among different areas of practice. I have developed an interest in working closely with individuals in my own community and helping those in need of legal assistance.

During my tenure, C2BE’s staff has been more than 50% women, which has allowed me to express my views and opinions without worrying about being dismissed, as was the case in some past professional environments. Members of the public generally are impressed when a male says he is going to law school but are more surprised than impressed when I say the same thing. Many people do not seem to understand that the law school experience has evolved in recent years, though complete equality between men and women in the field has not yet been achieved. My best advice to women in law school is to develop a thick skin and understand that we are part of an educational process toward equality that is going on throughout society, not just in the law.

Overall, I am full of hope that our society is reaching the point where it is commonplace to have female lawyers, and no one doubts our capabilities.

I am on a journey of self-discovery as a lawyer, and I am trying to decide the kind of work I want to do. I am committed to social justice and look forward to practicing law in a way that will make a difference in the lives of working people.

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