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Celebrating Isiah at C2BE

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

I want to send a shout out to fellow Isiah Parfait, who during their tenure at C2BE helped revamp our communication strategy from the website to video productions. Isiah is spotlighted below – and I invite you to read more about their important contributions to C2BE.

This month we are celebrating Isiah Parfait, who has reached a one-year milestone as a Venture for America and Samvid Ventures Social Impact Fellow at C2BE. Since joining the C2BE team, Isiah Parfait has brought youthful exuberance and design thinking to an array of projects across the organization.

One example of their commitment and creativity has been their insistence on being called “Isiah at C2BE” because they believes that repetition of that moniker helps community members remember how to reach their email,

As soon as Isiah joined C2BE, Parfait immediately went to work helping to plan and execute our biyearly “Fund and Friend Raiser.” They produced and directed our videography, from the Deborah Groban Olson founder tribute video to our educational webinar series for succession planning.

Parfait shares that some of their favorite projects have included revamping C2BE’s website, designing a more human-centered website interface, which involved producing a new ‘About Us’ video, and distinguishing from one another C2BE’s distinct services and activities.

Parfait has been engaged with our community partners, inside and outside of the office, becoming a member of the Detroit Black Food Security Network and a Detroit Equity Action Lab (DEAL 7) cohort racial equity leader.

Isiah at C2BE has also helped systematize our communications, operations and onboarding. Parfait plans to take the LSAT, hopes to attend law school and then pursue a career with an eye toward economic justice.

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