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Community Spotlight: Dulce Detroit

The Center for Community-Based Enterprise wants to celebrate the strides made through the Grace in Action Collectives. Dulce Detroit Childcare is one of the organizations it has supported to develop its own childcare worker cooperative.

C2BE celebrates the team at Dulce Detroit for meeting its fundraising goals, raising $1,000 to provide accessible event childcare in Southeast Michigan! These donations will enable the center to get all the things it needs to create a fun, safe, learning environment for children of all ages. Access to affordable and accessible childcare disproportionately impacts women, some of whom still have not reentered the workforce since the COVID-19 pandemic. Here locally, 44% of Michigan residents live in a "childcare desert," meaning there are three times as many children in the area than there are childcare centers.

The solution? Offering high-quality, structured, safe, and educational services for the Tri-County Detroit area to ensure that parents are able to attend social and work events without having to worry about childcare. You can donate to the fundraising campaign by following this link or by supporting the Amazon wish list here.

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