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Community Spotlight: People's Food Co-op

C2BE congratulates the Detroit People’s Food Co-op (DPFC) for receiving this year’s Bill Gessner Startup Food Co-op Award. The annual award comes with a $2,000 donation and recognizes excellence in startup co-op development. The reviewers were particularly impressed by how DPFC has embraced and worked diligently to implement the

The award is administered by the Food Co-op Initiative which seeks to increase the number, success, and sustainability of new food cooperatives delivering access to healthy food in diverse communities.

The Detroit People’s Food Co-op is an African American led, community-owned grocery cooperative. The co-op’s purpose is to provide improved access to healthy food and food education to Detroit residents. Meeting the needs of the community is achieved through the democratic control of the co-op by its member-owners. DPFC is a membership-based cooperative and currently has 1469 members with a goal of reaching 2,000 members. For just $200, in full or 20 monthly installments, you can become a member-owner of the food co-op!

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